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Well, it is sad news I have to be the bearer of. I have thought long and hard about this and have decided to disband the guild.
Think of me what you like, but this is so. We've had some troubles, and we overcame many of them. But this last one, this total 'deadness' that has settled on us, seems to have broken us. We tried very hard to fight it, we were even winning, but it seems that some of us, had to leave. For good reasons and I wish them all the best, but the fact remains, we can't carry on.

You see, the guild is like a mountain, resting on the shoulders of those who carry its name. The more do the carrying, the better and the lessweight on individuals. But then, some walk out, while that thing is still up there and the weight grows steadily heavier on the ones that stay until at last, their knees buckle, and they can't carry it anymore alone.

So, for those that stayed and fought, thank you, I am forever grateful, Sindalar especially. For those that left, all the best. And too you all, stay in touch and thank you.

I choose to disband it now. Before I loose any more friends. In real life and ingame.

Goodbye all and have a great life, wherever you are.


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